Unveiling Italian Luxury Beauty

Art Direction
UI/UX Design
Digital Strategy
Social Media
Performance Mtkg

GH Luxury Lake Garda

GH Luxury is synonymous with Italian luxury that finds its perfect representation in the refined real estate it offers internationally.

Our challenge? To define an elegant and distinctive brand identity with respect to the parallel Garda Haus project, to be declined in communication and the creation of a website that was both refined and functional.

Challenge accepted, of course!

Together, we laid the groundwork for a comprehensive social media and advertising strategy.

We dove into the luxury real estate field with an all-Italian flavor, starting with a collaborative workshop involving key stakeholders.

The website is designed to whisk users away on a dreamy ride, making their property hunt feel like a fairytale while shouting out GH Luxury's top-notch status in a way that hits home.

The goal for the project was to elevate the brand's perception with a captivating narrative that highlights the exclusivity of GH Luxury and its presence in most coveted locations in Italy and around the world.