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Glugulp Italy

We want to become the best champagne ecommerce in Italy. Yes, in Italy, the homeland of wine.

We like challenges and this seemed like a good opportunity to taste some good bottles of French wine.

Being a startup you need to learn, analyze and understand. But above all, it is essential to set up work on short, medium and long-term objectives.

User Experience

Seek and find. Always a result

The first step involved the design of the layout, the navigation path and the search filters.The Glugulp product catalogue is designed for leading the user to a result avoiding dead ends that generate frustration and compromise the shopping experience. A result made possible thanks to a close collaboration between designers and backend developers.

Stylish, like Champagne

Champagne is synonymous with exclusivity, so the design of Glugulp had to be just stylish.

Soft colors that recall the shades of the famous wine

Simple and coordinated lines, elegant and readable font, high-quality images: these are the ingredients chosen for the style of Glugulp


Usability as a keyword to provide the user with a pleasant experience in all sections of the site. Take a look on the detail: it makes the difference.

It works perfectly on any device

It works perfectly on any device
On smartphones and tablets the site changes face and becomes almost an app. Great care has been dedicated to the mobile experience in order to make the purchase of Champagne very easy even on small screens.