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Skilled Frontend Developer

Brescia - Italy

We are looking for a skilled frontend web developer who doesn't fear moving pixels in time and space 40 hours/week.
Applicant should, at least: know how to use the most common frontend frameworks and how to extend them; own a deep sense of scaffolding, code and assets organization; have a good eye for design and its principles, have expertise in team work and version control systems.
Although we are an international agency, strong skills in italian spoken/written language are required, english spoken language is a welcome plus.

Knowledge in motion graphics and web animations are a must and skills in 3D and WebGL will make you the perfect candidate. Please provide a reference to your latest works or experiments (eg: codepen, github).

If you are interested in this full-time position with Basilico, please send an email about why you want the job to jobs@basili.co. We will be unable to respond to everyone, but if we think there’s a good potential match, we’ll be in touch.

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