A new approach to modern art: live the Peggy Guggenheim Collection experience with the new museum website.

User research
Content strategy
UI/UX design

Peggy Guggenheim Collection Venice - Italy

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of the most important museums of European and American art of the 20th century in Italy.

It is located in Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, on the Grand Canal in Venice, and hosts the personal collection of Peggy Guggenheim, who lived here for almost 30 years.

The new website significantly enhances the already well-known brand identity and the cultural experience that Peggy Guggenheim evokes in the collective memory.

Cooperative design

The new website is the result of a synergistic work, single interviews and collective workshops. Basilico’s team collaborated with all members of the Peggy Guggenheim staff. Their experience and skills were very useful to organize the project, to understand their real communication needs and the ambitions of their clients.

Recognizable, essential, fast, usable

The general look and feel follows the guidelines of the museum, with an essential, and, at the same time, well recognizable style.

Our aims were to preserve the distinctive nature of this institution and provide the user with quick and intuitive navigation.

Enhancing brand identity without being too invasive

In order to enhance the brand identity, the typography was optimized as best we could to highlight, in a sober and peculiar way, one of the most distinguishing features of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

In this context, the minimalist design draws our attention to the artworks and images of the museum, so the user experience is not compromised by graphic elements that are too invasive.

Modularity as guiding principle in the design of the website architecture

To meet the different demands of the users, we designed an architecture and a user journey specifically for visitors, who could be art lovers, families, students, teachers, researchers, journalists, art collectors, or simply curious people.

Modularity is at the base of our approach when we build websites. We created a design system of content to guarantee our clients greater freedom of expression and satisfy future communication strategies, without turning the initial project upside-down.

More than a simple archive

The website will be for the user a window to obtain all the relevant information about the works of art on display, the past art exhibitions and all the ongoing and scheduled events.

The website is a digital archive, where people can consult all the collections, artists and stories that revolve around the reality of Peggy Guggenheim.

Content management system

We developed a content management system based on the open source platform ‘ProcessWire’ so that the different departments of the museum could organize the content independently.

The museum staff will gradually update the web platform with new and original data. In this way the digital archive can best fulfil its role as an online resource accessible to everyone.