A new way to describe the colors, quality and philosophy of an iconic knitwear company to its users

UI/UX design

United Colors of Benetton Treviso - Italy

The colors of an idea

Freedom of expression, cutting-edge communication and color, or rather, colors. In every shape, shade and declination. Benetton's choice of using them as a universal language has always been supported, for this project as well.

A bridge between storytelling and ecommerce

Inside Benetton was created to build a new digital communication channel for the company.

In close collaboration with Benetton's digital team, we designed and created a storytelling format that represents a virtual bridge between e-commerce and the brand itself.

A Mobile-first experience

The magazine was mainly created to be read on smartphones and tablets: this was the starting point which guided the design to develop solutions in order to highlight the content, a clear interface, where every interaction is perceived in a fluid and fast way.

Atomic design to create coherence in all resolutions

It is important to have a common language between the design team and the development one, so we chose atomic design structure to approach the project, i.e., a system beginning with individual elements of UI which let us create a high level of modularity and achieve a consistent UX at all resolutions.

A modular content approach

For the Inside Benetton project we chose the ProcessWire CMS platform, because it allows a modular system of article layout, ease of use, excellent language and SEO management.