Orsolina 28, a constantly evolving artistic project that transcends time.

User research
Content strategy
UI/UX design

Orsolina28 Monferrato - Italy

Orsolina28 is an extraordinary international dance center, surrounded by the green hills of Monferrato, which offers different choreographic training courses.

Since its launch, this educational institution for advanced training has chosen to provide its guests with accommodation facilities, fitness studios and catering services.

Orsolina28 is the perfect place for those who want to express their creativity, share experiences with other people and grow in harmony with nature.

The Workshop

We spent two days in close contact with the reality of O28 and we carried out the workshop activity with the founder and all the managers of the different areas to analyze the brand and meet their specific demands.

Immersed in the world of O28 to fully understand their communication needs

Our goals

Communicate the brand identity, focusing on the founding values, the organizational culture, the connection with nature;

Introduce the educational offer in a clear and direct way to create specifically designed environments and languages, to communicate with the target audience, to plan a pleasant customised journey;

Encourage a diversified target group to buy online Intensive Programs and to participate in Masterclasses and Workshops through a booking platform;

Promote the accommodation facilities listed on Orsolina Village website.

From paper to digital: the unmistakable style of O28

The design

We worked on the website visual identity with the support of paper posters, rich in details and distinctive signs (fonts, colour palette and images), provided by the staff of O28.

Translating these elements into the website was the real challenge. This activity allowed us to develop our design proposal, which was coherent with the brand image.

A modular site to face future changes

Fully aware of the versatility and charisma behind the idea of O28, we developed a modular structure suitable for new future implementations.

We designed the architecture of the website by focusing on the needs of the users and we organised three main paths:

Learn - or rather improve artistic skills with maximum concentration in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere;

Create - using state-of-the-art working spaces and services made available to choreographers and companies for the development of new creative projects;

Stay - in ecologically advanced accommodation facilities to fully live the artistic performances, tastes and smells.

The homepage in the high and low season

Thanks to a wide number of components available in the composer, Orsolina28 is able to create two or more different versions of the homepage, based on high and low seasons.

The homepage of the high season introduces the wide offer of O28 and invites users to participate in events, masterclasses, workshops and courses.

In the low season, when there are no activities going on, the homepage highlights more the brand identity, its mission, the spaces available to artists and the school.

Professional and impromptu content

We created an immersive experience through large images and video loops, specially made by professionals working at O28.

Being a constantly evolving reality, we employed a type of storytelling reminiscent of "Instagram Stories". In this way, even vertical images or videos extemporaneously created find the right place within the website.