One of the best Italian Pasta has now its digital place to be tasted

UI/UX design

Monograno Felicetti Italy

When quality is everything

The products from the historic Pastificio Felicetti are the emblem of Italian wisdom in selecting the best organic raw materials. Therefore, Monograno Felicetti's products stand out on the tables of the most discerning palates and in the kitchens of the most renowned chefs, considering that taste does not accept compromises.

The wide range of Monograno's products allows the consumer to experience the uniqueness of the Matt varieties and the pleasant memories of the distant land of Khorasan - Kamut, the most fragrant notes of spelt and the vigorous and sincere temperament of Cappelli.

An aerial journey through the homepage

Soft clouds and white peaks

The homepage of Monograno Felicetti's factory brings the user right where he would like to be: surrounded by nature, breathing fresh and clean mountain air, sunbathing and in a mouthwatering mood just by scrolling down. Here you can see the inviting varieties of Monograno Felicetti’s pasta, floating as if they were on white soft clouds.

The emblem of simplicity

The natural environment of the sky and the mountains leads the visitor to perceive the high quality of the product in an almost ethereal virtual reality.

Clean lines and light colors

The e-commerce wants to be in every respect in line with the philosophy of Monograno Felicetti. For this reason the design focuses on clean lines and light colors.

Passion, purity, quality

A centuries-old passion and experience

The pasta varieties are born from a centuries-old passion and from the experience of a family that works wheat with high quality raw materials coming from the surrounding environment. In order to be more competitive the Felicetti family decided to open up to consumers’ new demands and promote environmental sustainability by choosing organic farming. A sincere and constant commitment to produce the best through concrete and uncompromising actions.

A play of shadows: pasta seems to levitate


We enhanced the shape of each type of pasta in the e-commerce section thanks to a play of light and dark. From rigatoni to fusilli, from tagliatelle to linguine, when you drag your cursor to a photograph, pasta seems to levitate. This fluctuating movement inspires a magical sensation, already introduced into the homepage of the website: pasta moves through the clouds.