A harmonious design leads the user to enjoy a rich shopping experience

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Conti Ducco Italy

1900 years of tradition, elegance and unmistakable taste

The Conti Ducco’s historical estate, with an ancient and stunning 15th-century villa located in the heart of the Franciacorta territory, witnesses the 1900-year-long history of the noble family and of the Italian wine tradition.

A journey through the excellences of the Franciacorta territory

Attention to detail

This website takes the user by the hand and accompanies him/her on a guided tour: at first to the refined, elegantly furnished estate, where every detail matters, and then to the 130-hectare business property, where the grapes of Conti Ducco ripen.

A harmonious and refined design


The architecture of the site aims to evoke the refinement and the historical tradition of the Estate. The website structure, based on horizontal lines, highlights the colorful images that standing out against a dark background convey the warm atmosphere of the Conti Ducco's property.

The contrast among the bright and vivid colors of the images underlines the attention and care of the owners, who were able to enhance the ancient splendor of this landmark in the Italian wine history.

The product gallery


The second section of the website is dedicated to the e-commerce, where users can buy the wines of the company. The photographs of the wines and their denomination clearly and decisively stand out from the elegant dark monochromatic background.

We looked for a three-dimensional effect, because we wanted to create that specific sensation of having blottles in our hands.

The consumer can easily browse horizontally by scrolling through the offer of the products and proceed to the purchase by logging in with the personal account.