The tale of a long-lasting partnership in the fashion industry.

Content Strategy
UI/UX Design

Cieffe Milano

Partner in dreams for fashion and luxury

Cieffe Milano is an Italian company with over 35 years of experience in manufacturing high-end ready-to-wear garments. Based in Soncino, it is only a few kilometers from Milan.

It creates samples, women's and men's collections for the most exclusive luxury brands worldwide.

The company chose us for the design and development of its new website in order to tell its unique identity, history, and most importantly its strengths, enhancing its reputational assets among clients and in general within its target market.

A sequential and straightforward narrative in chapters. Result of meticulous/painstaking work in both design choices and technological development, the website was conceived from the outset as a metaphor for the partnership and the mutual trust that Cieffe Milano establishes with the best high fashion brands.

We wanted to describe, through a language understandable to all stakeholders, the mastery of the company, which interprets the creative vision of its clients. We have thus created a real narrative in chapters, through a loop that ensures a fluid and extremely pleasant navigation. Like a sailor on a gentle sea of fabrics.

Each chapter, introduced by a short thematic clip, is connected to the next one, in a circuit that symbolizes the continuity and stability of Cieffe's Milano workflow.

Connecting each part to the whole
The full video, made by Circular, is then visible right from the homepage: the tale of the valuable work of more than 250 people who contribute to the achievement of the company's goals through timeless creations.

The exciting journey that brings to life the ideas arriving at the company headquarters is reflected in the browsing experience of each user, who can feel the importance of each stage in the process.

Custom solutions between elegance and irony

Just as Cieffe Milano blends advanced technologies with artisanal savoir-faire, so too did we create each and every component of the new website by resorting to custom solutions that give it an identifiable and original touch.

The DNA of the company has been 100% translated into

Through the use of modern technologies, including WebGL and SVG animations, we have in fact introduced graphic elements that have made it possible to integrate the cleanliness and elegance of the visual identity with that touch of irony - and breaking the mold - that has distinguished the family company since 1985.

With an Easter Egg that is up to you to find.