The digital showcase of a company leader in technological innovation

UI/UX Design

Nobili Novara

The focus on quality, cutting-edge technology and sustainability makes this made in Italy excellence stand out.

Nobili, leader in the production of landmark products dedicated to the bathroom and kitchen, has been combining experience, innovation and attention to detail for over 60 years.

Its collections are distinguished by a strong stylistic identity, a high level of design and production quality, and a marked focus on ergonomics and functional efficiency.

A communication project with a strong personality

Upon the client’s request, we worked in close collaboration with their marketing department to create an amazing corporate website.

The objective was to tell the present leadership of the company, its historical heritage, its commitment to sustainability and technological research, and showcase its numerous products and catalogues.

Design at the service of image, a pure and minimalist layout.

We worked on a communication project that is stylistically orderly and elegant, to accompany and involve the user in an illustrated journey through carefully prepared photographic and textual content.

The design is minimalist to avoid distractions and focus attention on the high-quality images. Even the layout of the paper catalogues has been kept simple and clean, with clear and essential lines, to fully respect the brand design system.

We have provided a large number of components that allow the client to organise each section in a way that is suitable for the enhancement of the different collections.

Thanks to this modular structure, we were able to create distinguishing pages that can be treated almost as if they were mini-websites.

Each product landing page has its own layout and communication needs, as do the printed catalogues dedicated to the single collections.

In order to best illustrate certain collections, we created custom components to satisfy specific communication needs.

For example, the header of the Velis collection was expressly designed. We worked on a rendered image that changes according to the local time of the user. An essential narrative to tell the story of the collection through the passing of time, alongside the presentation of the different finishes.

From paper to digital, the product list and the size of models. The products are displayed in a responsive grid while maintaining their relative proportions. The user can thus better understand the differences between the sizes of the various models.

This approach to product visualisation, already adopted by Nobili for the creation of their printed catalogues, has been re-proposed in the website, drawing on the same database from the client's internal management system.

Given the breadth of the collections and models (around 3.000 products in more than 20 finishes and hundreds of taxonomies), the product search was strongly optimised to guarantee a fast and pleasant user experience.

Products can be consulted from the pages of the individual collections or filtering by category and code.

The product database has been generated from Nobili's internal management system, allowing data synchronisation and reducing the maintenance efforts.