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A complete design and development process to help LeafWorks build a better botanical world

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LeafWorks San Francisco, CA

Testing and transparency: when and where everything started

It was 2015 when the New York Attorney General discovered that several products from the top herbal supplements on the market did not contain the plant ingredients written on their label. From that point, LeafWorks has started to develop a useful solution: a DNA-based verification process of top herbs on the market that can improve consumer confidence in what they are buying, selling or consuming.

LeafWorks' mission: boost user confidence and build a better botanical world

Being experts in herbal genetics, LeafWorks' mission is to improve brand security and consumer confidence in plant-based products. They believe that providing accurate DNA-based verification tools is the right way to maximize safety, steward sustainability and truly honor herbal culture.

Design a process to provide complex service through an easy access web platform

First things first: the discovery phase

The first phase was dedicated to market research and understanding the business space in which LeafWorks operates. An immersion in the plants, the herbs and the genetics worlds have allowed us a better understanding of LeafWorks; their mission, their vision and their keywords.

Furthermore, we focused on their business model to understand and help define a customer journey, designing the service and web platform as well as defining communication goals.

Consistency as a key to create Brand Identity

Each activity has been designed and structured in a harmonious and consistent way, characteristics made possible thanks to a full understanding of LeafWorks as a company, which we have followed since its early stage. This privilege has allowed us to define a brand identity that stands out for its solidity and unique look. An identity that benefits from an unmistakable visual communication that plays on the values and symbols of nature.

Vibes, style and details


Natural colors, organic paper, details of leaves that are repeated in different sections, create a strong continuity in all aspects of communication. This has led to a strong, solid, clear and highly recognizable brand identity. Thanks to the style created, LeafWorks can be inserted – even just through the visual communication - in the world of natural, biological, sustainable and ecological vibes.

Create emotions in the 3D world


Often, we believe that images are worth a thousand words. However, when images blend with music the emotions that can be created are unique and words can no longer describe the beauty therein. This is why we designed a 3D video that would immerse users in the world of nature, research and botanical knowledge. In short, in the world of LeafWorks.

From storyboard to render

Every detail, every step, every word, every design was created in order to drive users through the limitless world of plant genetics.

The drafting of the storyboard required the selection of text, music, and images in order to create a journey to drive the user from the primordial soup to the modern era.

UX UI design

Discover Leafworks through a video divided in four chapters

The video is divided in four chapters and the user is brought to discover the mission, the services and the team.Every CTA, organic and alive, is surrounded by some dots that, floating, create the forms of the DNA string. Every page is an overlay, easy to close to continue the video. The cross section of the plant has been used as graphic element for all the corporate pages.

Once upon a time: the illustrations that create a magical atmosphere


Every plant currently tested by LeafWorks is present in an alphabetical dictionary located under the "Species ID Test" section of the marketplace. In order to make this list special, each description is combined with a hand-drawn illustration.

For each letter, all the available plants appear, presented in a staggered, flowingand natural style: everything that is on the website creates continuous movement.

Resistant to the roundtrip: easy to go - easy to come.


LeafWorks needed to create a kit to allow for the collection and shipment of plants that people collect and wish to have analyzed. We provided a concrete solution for this need by developing kits that not only respond to requests of practicality and functionality, but simultaneously communicate the value of LeafWorks.

This is why we have created a packaging characterized by organic material, natural colors, with the logo and some details of specifically designed plants. We were able to combine the right style with an eco-friendly choice: no plastic, yes recyclable material.