Civica Pinacoteca il Guercino's Digital Renaissance

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Civica Pinacoteca il Guercino Cento

After being closed for a full 11 years due to the 2012 earthquake in Emilia Romagna, Civica Pinacoteca il Guercino in Cento reopened its doors, sporting an entirely new and original look.

With its treasure trove of paintings, sculptures, and other artistic wonders, including the largest collection of works by the renowned artist Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, aka il Guercino, the Civica Pinacoteca was ready to shine once again. But to make sure the world knew about its grand reopening and unique offerings, it needed a solid digital presence.

That's where we, Basilico, stepped in.

Our team crafted a website seamlessly blending classical art with modern appeal and a digital space that felt fresh, vibrant, and undeniably cool.

We wanted each click to feel like a leisurely stroll through an art gallery, seamlessly weaving together the past and present.

Our digital journey with Civica Pinacoteca il Guercino kicked off just before its opening. We carefully crafted its strategy, starting from scratch.

When it reopened, we didn't just want to make a splash; we aimed to give its online presence a complete makeover, paving the way for ongoing maintenance. We shared its past, and spread the word about its exciting events. And to achieve this, we launched some pretty cool digital campaigns to get more eyes on the Pinacoteca.

But it wasn't just about digital. We teamed up closely with the press office, building connections and involving the community to enhance Pinacoteca's reputation as a lively artistic hotspot.