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Visual effects for Bollywood


Founded in 2006 by Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan, its main goal is to create a collaboration between creativity and innovative technology in order to improve Indian cinema.

Great people for great movies


Red Chillies.vfx has worked on visual effects for masterpieces of Bollywood movie. In their website, we wanted to create an extraordinary, unique atmosphere, almost out of our world. The colors are strong and in contrast: black alternates with white, red and green are the contours. The information stands out against a dark background where the celestial constellations seem to dance following the movement of the mouse cursor, giving a sense of dynamism to the entire site.

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We thought about the Bollywood style and we decided to create a website that could be unforgettable and charming. The menu is fixed at the top of the page and a vertical web architecture allows the user to easily find all the information, simply scrolling down. In this way, the user can have a quick and complete overview of the basic information available on the website. For each section, you can then go deeper into the topic, and immerse yourself in a whirlwind of Bollywood visual effects.

Each year a special movie, each image a deep description

In the Awards section, we decided to divide the award-winning films by year, showing images and words alternating position. The result is a compilation of the best productions presented to create the sensation of movement and the charming vibes of Bollywood. In this way, the user will be highly involved in the presentation and he/she will want to visit all the sections, until the last movie introduced there.

The style is linear, decisive, the edges are well defined: each movie is an art creation in its own position, with its own peculiarity. Nothing should be confused or mixed up.

Video and preview to involve the user

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In the Work section, the videos of the films produced are alternated and the user can check them all with a simple scroll down. The succession of videos with preview full of colors situated on a dark background, create a magical atmosphere, helping the user to dive in the charming parallel universe of Bollywood.