A website with a flexible design, where content is the result of the design itself.

Content strategy
UI/UX design
Web Development

Tender to Art London - UK


TenderToArt is an art incubator, which every year involves artists, who are selected for their innovative and high quality languages and their commitment to the artistic research. From painting to photography, from cinema to writing, each original project is devised and promoted without limits to context or instrument, creating flexible and rootless appointments.

TenderToArt needed to have online a very flexible publishing container, so they could relate past and future projects in an attractive and unique way.

A modular design to easily place any type of content without constraints, proportions and shapes.

We opted for a modular design, which could be managed directly by the client without any particular skill, maintaining at the same time an attractive and homogeneous user experience.


The style is deliberately neutral and minimal, dominated by typography and white spaces to bring the visual content out, in a mix of smooth scroll and flash mouse hover.