A collaborative design process to create a digital communication platform for the theatre faculty at Skidmore College

User research
Content strategy
UI/UX design

Skidmore College Saratoga Springs NY Usa

Living the College life to find great solutions

Direct experience

Skidmore is a highly ranked, residential, private liberal arts college, famous for its creative approach to everything. Its core belief is "creative thought matters.

To better understand the reality of Skidmore College, we needed to dive into the daily activities and be familiar with the organization of the faculty. For this reason, we spent four days in close contact with teachers and students. We participated in the rehearsal sessions of theater productions and attended college full time.


Our communication objective was to improve the brand image of Skidmore College in the eyes of future students.

How to reach this goal? We reorganized all the content concerning the production and educational activities, then we created an online communication tool dedicated to the management of the relationships among audience, theater, students and teachers.

A collaborative design

The collaborative design process allowed us to work together on the creation of a new information architecture, defining a new content strategy and drawing communication guidelines up. Then we shared our technological development approach with the internal programmers of the College.

Wireframe design


First of all, we designed the layout of the website to make the hierarchy of information and the behavior of the different pages on different devices crystal clear. At this stage we could immediately test the interface to correct the navigation flow.

Theater + New York = Broadway

UX and UI Design

We were inspired by the lights of the famous theaters in the Big Apple, by the style of billboards and the design of tickets from the 50's. The moodboard allowed us to feel the vibes of the communication objectives of the Skidmore College. So, we proceeded with the first visual design.

Liberal art and creative approaches

Creativity, technique, dedication and a full life are the ingredients we used to create this website, which longs for being a source of inspiration for young people providing clear and precise directions but, at the same time, leaving space for the dreams of those who are going to take the plunge.