A digital shopping experience to harmonize perfumes with style, sounds and songs

UX strategy

Jusbox Milan Italy

On the olfactory notes

Jusbox perfumes is a universe that combines perfumes with sounds and songs. The musical notes and olfactory fragrances merge, creating a unique sensory experience. The world of music is intertwined with the identity of this brand, which aims to offer the right olfactory-melody for each user.

A unique website that sounds good


The website of Jusbox Perfume aims to be an experience able to harmonize perfumes with sounds, songs and sensations. Every detail of the website is designed with the specific goal of evoking musical symphonies. While browsing on the website you will pass from turntables, to vinyls, to playlists: everything is created to make sure that it "sounds good".

A musical storytelling

Letters and words

Every word and every section have been studied deeply so that the union of letters and words together could create a charming musicality, the key element of this website. Each fragrance is described or better "played" in depth. Every fragrance has its own song and every song has its own story. With each perfume, each vinyl, we pass from jazz to rock, from punk to Latin American music.

A playlist for each fragrance


If it is not possible to transmit the perfumes through the screen of a PC or through a mobile phone, it is absolutely possible to transmit the musical notes. For this reason, in order to allow the user to better understand the fragrance of each product, a playlist is combined with each perfume. These playlists will be available both on the website and on Spotify.

This allows users to immerse themselves in the history of the song and, consequently, in the olfactory characteristics of the perfume.

A design at the right rhythm

We have studied every detail so that everything could make the user experience a musical-olfactory-visual-sentimental experience at 360 degrees. From the shape of the Menu, to the vinyls that run waiting to start the sound or the scent, everything is deeply linked to the world of music.

Pictures and Packaging

Each perfume has its own story, its own song, its own color and… its own packaging. The background pictures allow the user to dive into a sea of memories, aroused by the images, the music and the description of the perfumes.