A journey of colors, atmospheres and sensations to present unique fragrances

UI/UX design

Costume National Scents Milan Italy

When East meets West

Costume National is the brand that makes the fusion between East and West its strength and its peculiarity. The multicultural influences resulting from trips around the world give an elegance refinement to the whole style.

Journey of colors

The goal of creating a rich shopping experience dedicated to perfumes, has guided us in the construction of a website that lead users on a journey of colors, atmospheres and sensations that can help them to recall precise fragrances.

Horizontal scroll to dive into pleasure

Ui & Ux design

To allow users to immerse themselves in luxurious fragrances, we devised a simple navigation mode, which recall the elegant and linear character of the Costume National style.

A horizontal scroll allows users to view the different perfumes, giving a glimpse of the sensations that will be explained in detail within the presentation of the specific product.

The fusion of sensations coming from 5 senses

Selected fragrances

Entering the page dedicated to the selected fragrance, users will find themselves in an environment where the olfactory notes are fused with the style of the most famous collections of Costume National.

Elegance, the influence of art, culture and music blend harmoniously in a delicate background. The perfume is the protagonist: it is always at the center of the scene.

The e-commerce of desires

We wanted to create the Costume National perfume world so that it could reflect the exclusive, elegant, chic and sought-after personality of the brand.

Sought-after personality

The e-commerce is structured in such a way that the user remains fascinated by the images in the gallery, and captured by the descriptions of the fragrances.

Awards & Recognition