From idea to reality: how we created a new brand identity for an agency belonging to the modeling, entertainment and production world.

UI/UX design

Signature Element Dubai - UAE

A new era of modeling, entertainment and production

The beginning

Signature Element, a company born in Dubai, inaugurated a new era of modeling, entertainment and production. Its mission is to make the impossible possible.

Signature Element needed to create its brand identity and emerge as a one of the main players in Dubai's modeling and events market. The request was to create the overall brand identity, to provide guidelines for visual communication, to build an outstanding website with branding and operational objectives.

The discovery phase

Our work always starts with a phase of discovery, in which all the stakeholders are involved. That's why we went to Dubai and stayed there for a week to work closely together with the team of Signature Element on every single aspect of communication.

During the workshops, the brand purpose, the values and what makes Signature Element unique became more clear. On the basis of the information gathered, we defined the architecture of the website and the booking platform.

A cross of lines: lives changed by Signature Element


The concept of the logo is based on the use of the initials of the company's name, S and E, written in calligraphic forms, to underline the distinctive values of their work. Using curves and circles, we designed a symbol to express elegance and refinement.

Creating great visuals to make a dream come true

Visual references

We worked together to come up with a consistent visual communication providing all the guidelines to create visual content that could elevate the brand perception and match with that feeling typical of a dream coming true.

Lines can make a signature unique


We used this concept for all the communication activities we planned, including the UI of the website, in which the lines follow the navigation creating a feeling of smoothness and elegance.

Our goal was to create an online presentation that could add consistency to the brand and make it appear trustful, skillful and reputable.

The first part of the website drives the users to explore the mission through a story made of 3 chapters.

Chapter 1 A motion graphics video creates the logo. The gold lines are a leitmotif in the entire website.

Chapter 2 – A vortex of videos in background shows different smooth animations. Scrolling down bring the user discovers the vision and mission of Signature Element.

Chapter 3 – The Homepage ends with a 50/50 screen with a call to action: we are invited to discover the two main businesses of Signature Element, that is to say, Models and Events & Production.