The history of a family business: the winning combination of passion and tradition.

UI/UX design

Pastificio Felicetti Italy

Pastificio Felicetti: a family history

The pasta factory of Felicetti tells the story of a family that stood out bacause of passion, identity and commitment. Their story began in 1908 in Predazzo, in the heart of the extraordinary Val di Fiemme: from a small workshop to a company known worldwide for the excellence of its products.

The right website to convey a deep philosophy

Passion combines with tradition

The website of the pasta factory aims not only to tell about the brand identity and the process of production, but also to highlight the brand philosophy. Their set of values, code of ethics and principles has been, for over 100 years, the spark that ignites the passion of the people working there. This passion combines the value of tradition with the importance of innovation, research and development of new products that must satisfy the desires of the Italians.

Telling the continuous ambition to reach high quality

Perspectives on the past, present and future of the company

The sections on the site allow users to have a 360° perspective on the past, present and future challenges of Pastificio Felicetti. Indeed, each area of the website specifically tells the path to reach high quality standards, the relationship with the territory and the choice to adopt the organic method.

The structure of the website highlights not only the attention of the company paid to the new dietary requirements of Italian people, but also the positive and constructive dialogue with its customers.

Authenticity, pureness and tradition

The pasta factory

In the section dedicated to the pasta factory, the design of the website aims to evoke the authenticity of Felicetti products through vivid images of country life, details of flour, products and breathtaking landscapes.

Recipes for all tastes

Felicetti does not want to be a simple brand, but a landmark for its customers. Therefore, we developed a section dedicated to recipes, where customers could find some pieces of advice to cook the best and authentic dishes for their family and friends using Felicetti’s products in different creative ways.

Tone on tone: the connection with the packaging


The 11 varieties and 200 formats of Felicetti organic pasta needed a presentation that could immediately create a clear division among the different types of pasta. That’s why we designed a site recalling the packaging colors, shades and details of each type of pasta.

A palette for every type of packaging

We selected the nuances and details of the packaging for each type of pasta to create a functional distinction and a code to help users to better understand the product.