A data-driven platform for building novel proteins with exceptionally advanced functionality

Evozyne Chicago

Evozyne, a Chicago-based protein engineering company, provides customized protein solutions to enable innovation and growth across all aspects of human life.

Its platform, which takes advantage of artificial intelligence and deep learning, is based on 20 years of fundamental research in how and why proteins are built and work in nature, and how artificial proteins can address some of the toughest challenges in human health and society.

Stand out from competitors

The requests of Evozyne

The client asked us to create a website that would enhance the distinctive features of the brand to stand out in today’s competitive market, present very complex concepts graphically and clearly, explain how Evozyne’s data-driven technology computationally accelerates what can be achieved through millions of years of evolution.

A good storytelling to explain Evozyne’s method

Before getting to the heart of web design, we studied the molecular evolutionary process, the complex chemical reactions that occur in nature and the transformational technology used by the company to address some of the toughest challenges in human health and society. The analysis of these subjects was fundamental to come up with a story on which we built a communication language to explain the different phases of Evozyne’s advanced computational method.

The project required constant interaction with the client and with expert scientists from the University of Chicago in order to best meet their communication needs.

The discovery of a revolutionary technology

A 3D Video

We created an interactive experience on the website to increase users engagement and to guide them through the different stages of the evolutionary method.

Applications across a variety of industries

From the method to the different application areas, Evozyne's transformational technology can be used in various fields:

  • Agriculture - “Feed the world”;

  • Therapeutics - “Cure Disease”;

  • Environment - “Clean our environment”;

  • Industry - “Make tomorrow's materials”.

The website menu

The strong point of the website is its full-screen menu with a distinctive feature, which is also the protagonist in the hover and call to action: the circle. This geometric shape is then taken up in all the components, in the form of coloured balls in the 3D video, but also in the circular cut of the portraits in the section where the team of Evozyne is introduced.

A component management system in the hands of the client


The website of Evozyne, like the others we designed, can be managed entirely by the client, who has a dedicated CMS at his disposal.